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And learn to play with a side of yourself so primal + divine that’s been long forgotten but feels so familiar.

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Tova Gold

I just want to tell you that since our call…my entire response to money is different. In the past 4 weeks or so my world has shifted in amazing and miraculous…and terrifying ways. It’s like the universe has gotten bored of me not listening to it… to it’s hints, so it laid out a path before me that is just too obvious to ignore. It started with my session to unblock my money issues. It did SO much more than that- I feel like it opened a door for me into, what can only be described as miracles-and I am NOT a card-carrying member of the woo-woo crew.

Tova GoldTEDx Speaker + AuthorFinding My Muchness
Lisa Marie Selow

My session with Monica was amazing! I really released some stagnant energy from old belief patterns that were really holding me back in my life and business. Monica was able to go straight to a core issue of mine, helping me to understand and heal it. I noticed shifts right away such as feeling more focused and relaxed. She is a gently powerful and profoundly intuitive healer, a very pure channel for the divine. If you feel stuck and are not sure why or have tried many things to move forward, I highly recommend working with Monica.

Lisa Marie SelowHay House Best Selling Author + Life CoachLisa Selow
Liz DiAlto

I am still soaking in everything we talked about….more like luxuriating in it. I received MAJOR clarity and also confirmation on some intuitive hits of my own. The exercises were really valuable by way of giving me some imagery to meditate on and come back to. I left our session with a deeper sense of trust and faith in what I KNOW.

Liz DiAltoBody + Soul CoachLiz DiAlto
Cheri Wynne

I was astounded by your accuracy and the information was right on! I gained clarity and some closure in my life I’m having another session because I’m going through major life changes and you have been very helpful. I find your insight to be right. In my session there were quite a few aha moments and parts to the puzzle were filled in for me…very astounding

Cheri WynneIntuitive Spiritual Counselor



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